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Articulating Boom Lift Renters Guide

Boom lifts are used on construction sites, inside manufacturing plants, and even in retail settings. Several types of aerial lifts exist and each accomplishes a different job. helps businesses select the best boom lift for each project.

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Compare Prices On Articulating Boom Lift Rentals

Types of Boom Lifts

  • A small scissor lift has a platform that moves vertically. Comparable to scaffolding, but motorized, a scissor lift can be used to change light bulbs and address maintenance issues where there are no overhead obstacles.
  • Telescoping boom lifts have the ability to carry the operator horizontally or vertically. The boom telescopes only in a straight line, but offers the greatest horizontal reach of any type of boom.
  • A project with overhead pipes, machinery, or other barriers requires equipment that can move in multiple directions. An articulating boom lift accomplishes this task, as it has the ability to move up, across, over, and around obstacles.
  • Towable boom lifts are typically smaller in scale than non-towable models, they are self-leveling, and they have the ability to be towed with a pickup truck. These boom lifts are usually articulating and work well for tree-trimming, house painting, and barn repairs.

Uses for Articulating Boom Lifts

An articulating boom lift, or knuckle boom, increases jobsite productivity. Complicated ladder and scaffold setups take considerable amounts time, particularly if obstacles are present. Knuckle booms can be used on projects where multiple objects are in the working path, even if the working space is confined. The controls of the boom are located on the platform for maximum versatility and command by the boom operator.

Articulating boom lift uses include:

  • Commercial or Residential Job Sites: Completing peak work, working between framing where scaffolding won’t fit, EIFS application, transporting materials to elevated locations
  • Building Maintenance: Exterior cleaning, window cleaning or replacement, electrical repairs
  • Other Uses: Billboard maintenance, aircraft servicing, bridge welding, lighthouse preservation, silo work, satellite repairs

Choosing the Right Articulating Boom Lift

Articulating boom lifts are available in various brands and models. The specs for each model will indicate the platform height, load capacity, type of fuel, horizontal reach, and drive speed. Taking all of the job site requirements into consideration before choosing a boom for the project saves time and money.

  • Smaller Jobs - A knuckle boom with a 20-50 foot reach is just right for small projects. With a platform capacity of approximately 500 pounds, this type of boom is used on existing residential sites and in small commercial tasks.
  • Medium Jobs - A mid-sized articulating boom has a reach between 60 and 100 feet. These booms work well for material transport and commercial building repairs. They have the capability to elevate 1000 pounds.
  • Large jobs - A large project requires a commercial articulating boom. These lift booms reach up to 150 feet or more. Platform capability varies, but often tops out at 1000 pounds as well.

Some boom lift models are equipped with workstations such as welding stations, attached lighting, and even generators to further increase functionality.

Articulating Boom Lift Safety

Safety is the top priority when operating an articulating boom lift. Improper use could result in injury due to a fall, entanglement with overhead objects, tipping over, or electrical shock. cautions lift operators to follow manufacturer guidelines, as well as the tips on aerial boom safety from OSHA.

Operators must always check the following prior to using a boom lift:

  • Fluid levels
  • Tire pressure
  • Lights
  • Gauges
  • Brakes
  • Hand control functions
  • Stability of safety guards
  • Surrounding area (for holes, debris, and hazards)
  • Proximity to power lines

Operators of rented equipment should read over all rental agreements. Some rental agreements require specific fluid levels and safety checks for guaranteed performance.

Articulating Boom Lifts – Renting vs. Buying

Renting an articulating boom lift is more cost effective than purchasing when a business only uses the equipment occasionally or for short periods of time. Renting an articulating boom lift is also advantageous because there is no out of pocket cost to the renter in cases of mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear. If a business finds that it needs a knuckle lift on every job, then purchasing the equipment might be wise. Many equipment rental companies sell used boom lifts at a greatly reduced cost—this is a good way to obtain needed equipment and stay on budget.

Articulating Boom Lift Rental Rates

Lift HeightDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly Rate
20'$225 - $265$675 - $720$1,899 - $2,000
45'$340 - $380$899 - $849$2,200 - $2,399
60'$399 - $440$1,055 - $1,125$2,575 - $2,699
80'$799 - $849$2,199 - 2,299$5,500 - $5,699
125'$1,499 - $1,600$4,250 - $4,400$10,350 - $10,750
150'$2,600 - $2,650$8,700 - $8,999$16,200 - $16,999

Articulating boom lifts allow companies to complete elevated projects safely without taking the time to building complicated scaffold systems. Renting a boom lift can decrease labor costs, increase time spent on productive tasks, and simplify the overall project. Find the right equipment for your next project today by visiting