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Boom lifts are motorized aerial working platforms. Gas, diesel, and electric boom lifts are widely used across many industries. From shipyards to orchards and demolition sites to aircraft hangars, boom lifts allow aerial work to be completed in a safe, professional manner.

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Articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, scissor lifts, and other types of aerial work platforms allow people to work at great heights. Motorized industrial equipment is particularly useful in applications where the utilization of ladders or scaffolding would be prohibitive. Aerial working platforms were created as a means to raise workers and materials to operational heights. As the industry evolves and technology advances, aerial boom lifts continue to see an increase in both improvements and accessories. showcases the many companies that have joined in manufacture of boom lifts so you can find the optimal articulating or telescopic boom lift for your company.

JLG Industries

The founder of JLG Industries, John L. Grove, is a recognized as the man who propelled the aerial working platform movement in the late 1960s. JLG Industries introduced their first boom lift in 1970. Improvements in technology over time include oscillating axels for enhanced motion, an extended reach electric boom for environmental friendliness, and the Workstation in the Sky™ line for ultimate productivity at increased heights. In recent years, the company has made great strides with the UltraBoom which reaches an astounding height of 185 feet.

Among the line of boom lifts from JLG you will find:

  • Tow-Pro Boom Lifts – The two models in the towable line feature your choice of gas-powered or electric booms, each with a standard dual tow hitch and towing speed rated up to 65mph
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts – JLG offers five separate lines of telescopic booms with horizontal working distances beginning at 34’ and extending to 80’
  • Articulating Boom Lifts – The 340AJ, 450 Series II, 600 Series, 740AJ, 800 Series, and 1250AJP models of articulating booms from JLG provide an array of working platforms to suit nearly any jobsite
  • Compact Crawler Booms – This line of boom lifts was designed for extended working heights with restricted usable ground space and overhead obstacles
  • Toucan Mast Boom Lift – A telescoping mast, articulating jib, electric drive boom with a 500 pound platform capacity


Snorkel joined forces with UpRight and Aerial Access to provide a wide array of aerial platform lifts.

The Snorkel boom lift line includes:

  • Articulated Boom Lifts – Snorkel currently has four articulated boom lifts on the market, with working heights ranging from 52’-90’
  • Electric Boom Lifts – The electric boom lift line also features four models, from the smaller A38E with its tight turning ratio for indoor work to the MB26J with its electro/hydraulic drive system and 475 lb platform capacity
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts – Snorkel manufactures eight telescopic lifts, each with a Kubota Turbo Power Diesel engine powering the boom for maximum muscle
  • Trailer Boom Lifts – Within the line of towable booms, Snorkel has four options, the TL34, the TL 37J, the TL39, and the TL49J—standard features range from load sensing stabilizer interlocks to proportional live hydraulic controls

Haulotte Group

Haulotte and Pinguely merged in 1995—10 years later the Haulotte Group stepped forward and ranks as one of the top three manufacturers of aerial work platform worldwide.

Boom Lifts from the Haulotte Group include:

  • Articulating Boom Lifts – 14 (ten diesel, four electric) models of articulating boom lifts dominate the line, allowing companies to excel on jobs of any size
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts – Haulotte offers five telescopic boom lifts with varying horizontal reach
  • Towed Boom Series – The towable booms within the Haulotte Group line are electric drive with working heights that allow access for residential tree-trimming or commercial building maintenance


Originally a company focused in scissor lift production, MEC Aerial Work Platforms introduced the first in a series of Titan booms in 2010.

The company currently touts three models of boom lifts:

  • 60-J – Diesel, electric, or hybrid powered, the 60-J from MEC has a 60’ vertical reach and features an 8’ x 3’4” working platform
  • Titan Boom 40-S – Capable of lifting 4,000 combined pounds, reaching heights of 46’, and extending to full lift height within 50 seconds, the 40-S is a magnificent multi-machine
  • Titan Boom 60-S – A 60’ working height and 22’ x 7’5” Ultra-Deck make this boom optimal for lifting large loads


Introduced in 1985, Skyjack quickly joined the ranks of other top names in the industry with the manufacture of quality boom lift equipment.

Skyjack runs lines of articulating and telescopic booms:

  • Articulating Booms – Both articulating models feature 4WD axle systems, proportional controls, and a two person, 500 lb load capacity
  • Telescopic Booms – Skyjack has three telescopic boom models on the market, along with a line of lift accessories including pipe racks and board carriers


Thanks to Bud Bushnell, Genie Industries is a big name in boom equipment. Genie was first established in 1966 with an initial line of lifts that were powered by compressed air.

The company is holding strong today as a Terex brand:

  • Articulating Booms – Genie manufactures electric, bi-energy, and diesel articulating booms with working heights up to 141’
  • Telescopic Booms –13 models represent Genie’s telescopic boom product line, with horizontal reach ranging from 31’ – 80’

The best aerial working platform for your company is the one that attains both the vertical and horizontal working heights you need, carries a combined load suitable to your industry, and is able to exceed your expectations in quality and craftsmanship. Renting a boom lift is easier now with leading industry information on today’s aerial work platforms from